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If you love them, great news – they’re back! If you hate them don’t worry, they can be turned off…

Having decided to include these though, we thought it would be great for you TO BE PART OF THE GAME! Simply – we want you to come up with a short one line taunt that you would love to hear in game. We will pick the best one, get it recorded by the VO team and you will live forever in Wrecked history! How cool is that? The only bad news is that the closing date is Friday 1st April at 12pm. (And no this isn’t an April Fools joke!) Nothing offensive please! Post your lines as comments below - and only one entry per person please.

We’ll announce the winner on Monday 4th April. We’ve got a special, unique piece of Wrecked artwork, signed by the team for the winner.

UPDATE (31st March 2011): Thanks for all the great suggestions so far.  If you’ve suggested something and it hasn’t appeared in the list - sorry but that’s likely to be because it’s a bit on the adult side.  We’ll more than likely be going for a broad rating for the game and so won’t be able to include any adult taunts (amusing as it would be…).  Feel free to suggest something else.

UPDATE (5th April 2011): we’re going to extend the closing date till the end of this week (8th April).  Not because we don’t like any of the great suggestions on here already, just because we have a few more days before we need to get the actors in the studio to record them, so we thought it best to take advantage of that…

UPDATE (11th April 2011): thanks everyone for your very creative entries.  The competition is now closed.  After much deliberation, the winning phrase selected is: “As useless as rubber lips on a woodpecker”.  Congratulations John, your phrase will be immortalized in the game and we’ll be sending on your prize very soon.

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93 Responses to “Taunts”

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  2. smokeygreen says:

    “BBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” in the style of Philadelphia Collins from Trailerpark Boys!!

  3. headdown says:


  4. mads says:


  5. Chris Haupt says:

    “You gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite?”
    A la Resevoir Dogs.

  6. John says:

    Any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidental!

  7. John says:

    As useless as rubber lips on a woodpecker.

  8. John says:

    Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.

  9. “Coming throoough!”
    “Move over, junior!”

  10. Demonnus says:

    Kiss my “GAS” !

  11. BasildonBond says:

    You’ve got two chances. Slim and none, and slim’s just left town

  12. NewBee says:

    With driving like that I can see why women’s car insurance is going up!

  13. Matt says:

    “How many times do I have to flush before you go away?”

    Shame it’s only one entry per person, I’ve lots of these, although admittedly most aren’t suitable for a PG style game!

    It’s great that the insults are back, and also great that we have the option to turn them off!

  14. Hose says:

    “Are you a moron, or are you just possessed by a really stupid ghost?”

  15. im SOOOOOO happy that they can be turned off.
    thankyou sonic. that scared me. anyway, ill join in throwin in ideas asswell.

  16. “you schoolbag”

    “should i slow down?”

    “need a lift?”

    “you floppy sheet of cheese”

    “how does my ass look?”


  17. meister says:

    Rule number 1, stay on the track

  18. Jamie says:

    “haha did i just wreck you vehicle”

  19. Jamie says:

    “Haha did i just wreck your vehicle?”

  20. Richdawg says:


  21. DC says:

    Hit me with an airstrike, like I care!

  22. Clisp says:

    “Say hello to my good friend Cliff!”

  23. Jetty says:

    “Remember to look both ways!”

  24. sickdog2009 says:

    Don’t worry I come in pieces

  25. TOOL says:

    “Hey, dont forget the parking fee!”

  26. Aron says:

    “Is that all you got? Let’s finish this!”

  27. matt says:

    You’re a waste of DNA!

  28. Robert mcmahon says:

    Hope you like my rear end,ur gonna see alot of it!!

  29. dave hedgehog says:

    “Dude you’re so slow, call 1-800 how’s my beating you… badly”

  30. Karacha says:

    The accelerator is the one on the right.

  31. peacemon says:

    Use the bus you bloody pillock.

  32. Nick Hooper says:

    Scum sucker!

  33. Frankie says:

    “You gotta buy me dinner first”

  34. Michael G. says:

    “Eeeeh Wrecked!” (at least 4 possible interpretations ;)

  35. YT958 says:

    You wanna bring me down? I dare you to try.

  36. Daniel Eriksson says:

    “Oh, there you are. Hope my exhaust pipe didn’t cause you to much trouble…”

  37. Dean K says:

    ‘If you were going any slower, you would be going backwards’

  38. Dean K says:

    sorry.. one more…


  39. Jon says:

    ‘you better call Kenny Loggins, ‘cos you’re about to enter the DAAANGER ZONE’

  40. Clive S says:

    You’ve been MASHED, now get WRECKED!!!

  41. Pabs says:

    Its like driving past a tumbleweed

  42. winky says:


  43. Mikael Lundh says:

    Coming soon, to a carwreck near you!

  44. Dan London says:

    You Lose… Now go get me another beer!

    • Aron says:

      This one will never get picked, it could be interpreted as an encouragement of alcohol use:P

  45. Richard F says:

    “kiss my shiny metal exhaust!”

  46. Heltev says:

    Why did you stop? Grocery shopping?

  47. winky says:

    “You fight like a dairy farmer!”

  48. Daz says:


  49. DJDunk says:

    “Does it hurt?, Does it hurrrt?” – Robocop
    “I mean he wrecked it. He totaled it!” – Back To The Future
    “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya”
    “Flame Grilled”
    “You Got Owned!”
    “That HAD To Hurt”
    “You Bleed Better Than You Shoot”
    “Right Between The Eyes”
    “Whatever you’re gonna do, do it fast!” – Aliens
    “Hold Still Dammit”
    “Try Turning The Safety Off”

  50. ShawnS says:

    “Ya damn cancer”

  51. Elliot says:

    ‘At least if you pick the wrong guy to race, pick the right weapon’

  52. Elliot says:

    Sorry was meant to put ‘you choose the wrong guy to race, at least pick the right weapon’

  53. Ash says:

    ‘You choose to win, but I choose to rule’

  54. NTG says:

    “You drive like Enviro-Bear”

    • OK , thats a good one. did you read that one supersonic? its a good one. cause enviro bear is awesome.bloody awesome.
      and your awesome supersonic,and also you ntg. good idea

  55. Chris S says:

    “Your face looks better with my tread marks all over it.”

  56. Thijs says:

    “You’re a choir boy compared to me! A CHOIR BOY!”

  57. Sebastian says:

    “Get over it – You just earned pole position”

  58. Gogo says:

    Tu te trompes de pédale! Appuis sur celle de droite!

  59. “that will look great in the replay editor: ;)

  60. Aaron says:

    4. “I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there.

  61. euax says:


  62. taggartis says:

    “boom! Minus 2, just for you.”

  63. DrZhyp says:

    “Lemme hear them 3 sweet words. I’m. your. daddy.”

  64. Matt says:

    I guess they didn’t like any of them! Either that or they’re all to busy playing on, I mean working on, Wrecked…!

  65. Ash says:

    Yer meant to be announced on 4th

  66. Tim says:

    Time to take out the trash

  67. Tim says:

    Have you stopped wearing diapers yet?

  68. sack says:

    Hope that missile had a good taste

    Eating rockets it’s not healthy

    A bat aims better than you

    You have nice driving skills… for being a monkey

    Failed my shot… but thank you for receiving it instead

    You will lack of sky to fly away

  69. Cavemanrose says:

    Where did you go?

  70. Kostas Lazaridis says:

    I kill you (in the voice of Achmet the terrorist played by Jeff Dunham)

  71. Jonathan Norman says:

    “Sit down amateur”
    Totally depends on the accent. Probably best to stay clear of Received pronunciation…

  72. Yellow says:

    “Does your insurance really cover human mistakes?”

  73. Lukeyy19 says:

    You want mercy? Too bad, I don’t speak French.

  74. Blue J says:

    stoooop touchiiiing meeee!!!

  75. Dillus says:

    ‘Smoke you man!’
    ‘Not Now Bernard!’
    ‘You can almost taste it!’
    ‘Everyone likes cheese in the groove.’
    ‘Win, I must.’ – Yoda wannabe
    ‘You seen my douche?’

  76. Bubba says:

    Go and stuff your beaver, baby.

  77. Paydon says:

    “Hehehe, you Fail”

  78. wl says:

    Imma hit you, like a boss

  79. Syntax says:

    “Stare at my ass more and i’ll have to charge you!”

  80. taggartis says:

    boooo! john had more than one entry!
    he broke the rules!
    i demand he be crushed like a worm or that i am bribed!

  81. Soulman says:

    As useless as rubber lips on a woodpecker? Seriously? That was the best of the bunch? I guess I’ll be turning taunts off If that’s the best they got. The game will still be awesome, it doesn’t need awful taunts to get by.

  82. smokeygreen says:

    release date?? Q2 is gettin swallowed up with every day that passes!! Cmon guys. We been waiting years for this!!

    • TheDrizzle says:

      I have to admit, a release date would be good. Need time to plan a launch party you know

  83. chungaflomper says: