The Tracks of Wrecked

Posted January 11th, 2012 by Supersonic and filed in Gas

Right from the start of the development of Wrecked we were adamant that we weren’t going to throw loads of tracks into the games to play a numbers game.  Instead we decided we were going to do a small number and make sure every one of them was really good.  Hopefully we’ve achieved this.

Some tracks came more easily than others.

The first track we worked on was Brockridge Mine.  This was inspired by Tierra Piedra in Mashed.  That was a really playable track and included lots of features that we knew that our engine had to support.  We knew that if we got a track inspired by that to be great fun and look good then the rest of the game would follow fairly smoothly.

It took us ages to do though…  We went through lots of graphic styles, with the look changing significantly many times.

We also endlessly tweaked the shape.  It’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing: physics and track shape.  In the early days, is the game not fun because the physics isn’t good, or because the track shape is bad?  They end up feeding off and improving each other, both being polished at the same time.  It can be a slow process, but there’s no substitute for this part of development – endlessly playing and tweaking the game.

We also knew very early on that we wanted a track inspired by Polar Wharf from Mashed, so in some respects the Icebridge track came easily, although in other respects this was the hardest track to do.  Polar Wharf was so insanely addictive that anything less than that in Wrecked would have been a fail, so we endlessly tweaked that track and how the physics behaved on it too.

With Jungle Temple we wanted a really simple track to start the game with – one that players could easily learn and start enjoying the game on very quickly.

That said, we didn’t want it to be boring or a novice player’s throw-away track.

It includes the steepest slope in the game (a real rollercoaster) and although the shape is simple, there’s danger all the way around the outside of the track.

It’s a good track for epic weapon battles.

Jungle Falls

This is our longest track.  It’s got a section where there are lots of alternative routes – a little like the chase scene in the last Indiana Jones movie.  There’s also a great secret shortcut.

Daredevil Peak

This level is quite short but a real favourite in the office.  It’s really perilous, with thin roads and vertical cliffs all round the edges.  When played with loads of weapons it’s a real multi-player gem.

Arctic Outpost

This is our second longest track and probably the most complex shape.  There are a couple of really nice areas on it: a wide, icy switch-back series of turns and a tight cork-screw that exits through a tunnel.

We think we’ve got a good balance of tracks and although there are only six, they’ve all been endlessly polished and played on.  We get people telling us they still spend hours a week on Mashed – 7 years after it came out.  We really think and hope we’ve got the same longevity and depth of game-play in Wrecked.

Maybe there will be some more tracks coming later…

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49 Responses to “The Tracks of Wrecked”

  1. Irish-Sid says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Jan says:

    Really liking the sound of the tracks, would like to see some pictures of the tracks though.
    really looking forward to playing this :)

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  4. Gregory Calleja says:


  5. Robson Ponte says:

    any rumpour on a release date????

  6. Jason says:

    “Right from the start of the development of Wrecked we were adamant that we weren’t going to stick all the tracks into the games to leave some for DLC down the line.”

    Fixed it so that it sounds more honest, reasonable and believable.

    Saying you wanted a smaller number of tracks to ensure they were all good would only make sense if you already didn’t have a load of good and proven tracks layouts available from Mashed.

    Tracks that could have been re-textured and updated graphically for this game to practically double the track count.

    • swiss ki says:

      Haha I think you might be right,

      DLC 1: 2 new tracks

      DLC 2: revamped mashed tracks

      DLC 3: new cars

      DLC 4Q

      I never buy DLC.

  7. Brian says:

    Six sounds perfect, it’s going to be all about IceBridge anyway :) . The triangular track looks great too.

  8. Irish-Sid says:

    They will be reversible I’m assuming? With night/ice variants?

  9. Robson Ponte says:

    Its got polar wharf, what more do you want? Gowls

  10. Soulman says:

    It really can’t be long now. Awesome!

  11. TimboJackson says:

    Can’t wait any longer, must freeze myself and ask someone to unfreeze me when the game is released (sounds like a good plan, according to cartman)

  12. Doug says:

    I don’t think it’s been mentioned, but is there any possibility of an Android port down the line? I mean, i’m buying it day one anyway. But an Android port would guarantee me buying it again! There’s plenty of games on the market that are sorta like Mashed – but none within a million miles of being as good as Mashed. Which sucks.

  13. I'm wrecked says:

    I want to have Neustein (don’t know the english name), the ice track. Was shocked seeing polar wharf again. Hate this track ;)
    But indeed. We still play mashed every weekend, since a thousand years (at least it feels like). And i really love some of the old tracks. I hope it will be possible to play them in any way in wrecked.

  14. PloP says:

    Judging by the lack of comments people might have given up already and are just playing TNT racers instead.

    • winky says:

      yeah there’s a few more similar games coming out Motorstorm RC, Smash n Survive

      • Johan says:

        Motorstorm RC seems to feature large tracks which should result in less car ramming and tactical play; more about racing. Not a contender.

        Smash n Survive seems like vehicle arena battle, not tracks.

        So far, it seems to me, nothing is in the position to take the place of Wrecked. The body bumping, car thumping, perfectly timed breaks and turns are unique to Mashed, and Wrecked should take it to a whole new level.

        I can hardly wait.

  15. Paul says:

    Haha through your comment i played TNT racers… But it was fun for three games then it became boring.. Controls are in mashed are so much more the shooting some crazy weapons in TNT racers.. Pleassee I want wrecked now, my mashed fully loaded doesnt load anymore for a week now…

    • winky says:

      TNT Racers was clearly a cheap copy of Mashed. In of itself it’s not a bad game, it just doesn’t hold a candle to Mashed. I played thru most of the single player which was fun but the multiplayer got old quick. Too clunky. I wonder what Supersonic thought of someone basically ripping off one of their games.

  16. Fran says:

    Motorstorm RC Release 22-2-12 so sorry Wrecked to late

  17. Ola guys
    Does any one of you have a clue on how this date could be legit?
    At least, we got two lucky fellows who seem to have enjoyed the game :
    -John Blake: “Cheers for a great day guys!! Final product plays awesome, well worth the unavoidable delays, hopefully be beating you again online within a couple months. :O)”
    -Michael George: “Thanks for an awesome experience guys. The game looks a amazing and definitely worth the wait.”

    • Johan says:

      Oooooh.. I really hope it is; 14th of feb.

      I’m prepping my long time Mashed rival just to be sure.

  18. James says:

    I was lucky enough to attend one of the fan sessions in Lemington Spa on Friday, and got to say that the game is looking good. Definitely has that Mashed feel about it but with everything next-gen’d (physics too, not just graphics)

    It was also good to see that the game really is 100% finished — they let us mess around with it for hours and there we no issues.

    All the track were fun (I think we played more than 6?) but as usual the most fun is to be had on the ones where you can duff your mates off the edge of winding mountain pass. I can also confirm that the shortcuts visible in the track layouts above are exactly as they should be — dangerously tempting. We played all morning and I don’t think anyone managed to use them to actually win a point. That speaks of hidden depths to the gameplay, I reckon. These things will take time to master.

    Really interesting to hear the genuine regret from the devs about the delays. Getting a niche game like this to market and hoping to crossover to some kind of mainstream success must be daunting enough with being kept waiting for you a release window by MS and Sony.

    One final point about competitiveness. Played with a nice bunch of guys I’d never met before and the races felt fair (not too random) and rewarded our skills as they developed. Also, most important of all, in no time at all we we all sledging each other and taking the piss in that wonderful and only notionally tongue-in-cheek way that I remember very fondly from Circuit Breakers and Mashed. Respect and reputations were won and lost. I’m hoping it will translate well to online multiplayer too (I’m assuming there will be in game chat??).

    The guy from the publisher didn’t seem to have a firm release window, so if it is 14 Feb I think it’s news to everyone.

    Happy to answer questions if anyone wants more info.

  19. Elliot says:

    Your really choosing motorstorm RC over wrecked, come on that game clearly has nothing on wrecked, no weapons , no air strike…do I need to say more

    • winky says:

      Im not saying im getting MSRC over Wrecked. I’m just saying you’ve got these titles that hadn’t been announced that long ago suddenly being released. Problem is people will get these and then not get Wrecked as they feel they already have a game similar.

  20. Andy says:

    I think 6 tracks is a good number. My friends and I used to only play two… Polar Wharf and Ventura Boulevard. I really, really hope you include Ventura Boulevard, though I expect not since the extra work of adding all the trucks and cars may not be worth it. It was one of the most interest gameplay maps though, since you could be ahead, but lose with one bad decision.

    Really looking forward to release though!!

  21. PloP says:

    We played TNT Racers for 5-6 hours last night, and it’s all right for killing time while waiting for wrecked to show up.

  22. frod says:

    Let’s see a PC version. Come on. COME ON.

  23. Toby says:

    Will this be playable on psvita via remote play or download

  24. swiss ki says:


    Thanks for providing that info, you made me feel more positive about the game again. I wouldnt be surprised if they had more tracks in development unfinished or for DLC.

  25. Marc says:

    Any news?

    This is killing me…. in a way.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t you just launch it on the PS3? Why do I have to wait for Xbox to pull their thumbs out?

    Is there really a benefit to waiting and dragging it out?

  27. Anonymous says:


    >to capitalise on marketing
    >Sony and Microsoft do not allow split releases

    well I guess that’s a decent reason.

    • winky says:

      I’m pretty sure sony do. It’s just that if a game comes out first on PS3, microsoft won’t release it on the Xbox at all. Don’t quote me on that though, i just remember hearing it somewhere.

  28. Aysir says:

    That is right Winky, MS don’t allow games to come out afterwards unless they’ve had some major upgrades done (Like Joe Danger) Sony aren’t too bothered with getting second-hand games, so long as people get to play the thing.

    Two months for submission is pretty darn long though, I’m guessing MS are being bitchy about something minor if Sony passed it already. Probably something to do with the obligatory trial version on XBL perhaps?

  29. Qbert says:

    My brain need game

  30. Tony Lodo says:

    Frustration! Frustration! Frustration! Why can’t we have a gameplay video or a new trailer, to make up for the wait… C’mon supersonic I can understand the situation, but you guys fail at PR.

  31. MrJDM says:

    What are the odds on this being released before 2013?!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Can we have a 6 week update please?

  33. swiss ki says:

    I cant believe the game has been ready on PS3 almost 5 months now! No new info means MS is still processing the backlog of other games I guess..

    My personal ETA: April 30th

  34. vanliemt says:

    On the ‘more tracks via DLC’ issue:
    I would definitely buy more tracks as DLC. Remember how much Mashed cost on disc? Wrecked and its 6 tracks will cost us what, half that? A quarter?
    If the game is as good as Mashed was, I’ll be happy to give the devs more cash by buying DLC.

    • Jason says:

      Well, it’s been revealed the game will cost £11.99 on PSN… So no, not half the price of Mashed and nowhere near a quarter.

      £11.99 for 6 tracks, guess we each have to make our own minds up on if we consider that good value or not as consumers.

      Personally think it’s too much for what’s on offer, around £7 would have been more reasonable, so will wait for a sale down the line.

  35. chungaflomper says:

    hey pete, or anyone at supersonic. is wrecked gonna be available in spain?